NKD-scooters are DOMINATING the street scooter scene

Double Podium for NKD-scooter at the Urban Wolrd Series in Madrid. Current World Champion Lucas Di Meglio (#1) are joined by Mathias Villers (#3) at the podium.

No one can touch our talented riders

Urban Street series were hosting the event “Madrid Urban Sports” (MUS MADRID RIO-MATADERO) this weekend 8-10th October. The scooter event welcomed amateurs, youth riders and PRO riders in Street as well as Park. The park event was won by Jamie Hull (UK). The Street event was hosting big names like Luis Barrios, Carlos Ravello, Auguste Pellaud.

Of Course we were invited to the event as well and we sent your best combo: Mathias Villers and Lucas Di Meglio.

My main objective was to win the Street world championships 2 weeks ago (editor: which he did), but now i win this!? I'm SO HAPPY!

Lucas Di Meglio


After practice the riders were ready to show their best. Each rider had 2 runs of 45 seconds accounting for 70% of the final score and one best trick at each run accounting for the remaining 30% of the score. Didine Terchague was the first to drop in.

Mathis Villers dropped in as number six and did his best run with 71,77 points which was enough for qualifying in 5th place. 

The fight for the best qualifying run was extremely close. Dante Hutchinson (UK) did a solid run and scored 78,10 points just before Lucas Di Meglio dropped in. Excited and ready to give the best, Lucas Di Meglio managed to do a classic run with the best qualifying score of 78,50 points.


The Finals were to be held late Saturday night 10th of October. At 20:00 the riders started their first run of the finals.

Mathias Villers

Mathis Villers was looking strong going into the finals. He was ready to show the international scooter world what he is made of. As a Hybrid scooter rider who does both street and park, this weekend was dedicated to his street skills. Last week Mathias Villers were in Denmark for the ISF European Qualifiers in only park riding.

The first run by Mathias Villers was great – Starting the run with a solid double whip FS lip slide and ending it with an impressive flair! Unfortunately, because of a missed trick he scored 65,90 points!

This was clearly not enough for Mathias Villers. He was hungry for more! The second run was absolutely great – landing the same tricks with more confidence, speed, and style! This gave him a strong 73,90 score and secured him the third place closely followed by Hutchinson with 73,13 points (#4).

This run secured him third place at the Urban World Series in Madrid!

World Champion Lucas Di Meglio:

Lucas came into this event with the title of street World Champion of 2021.

With high expectations from the fans in Madrid, Lucas Di Meglio had to show the world that he could defend his world championship title.

Lucas Di Meglio is the absolute most consistent rider on the street scene at the moment. Therefore we held our breath as he went in for his first run. As the commentators are talking about the Ferrari shirt he is wearing, Lucas Di Meglio is mentally preparing himself.

Dropping in with the speed of a Ferrari, Lucas performs whip bar BS lip slide to whip with a perfect landing. Continuing with high speed and style the crowd and commentators are blown away. Ending the 45 seconds with the most impressive trick – 270 downside whip to whip out with high speeds!

Best trick: 270 whip lip at the rail! WOW!

Second run was just a show off round for Lucas. He had already secured first place. Nonetheless, he did a good SHOW. 

Frontboard whip to fakie. Then from fakie to 180 to nose manuel to the end of the platform gapping down 1,5 meters with a barspin and landing on the asphalt clean and steeze!

An emotional Lucas Di Meglio thanks the crowd:

Interviewer: “Is there anything you want to tell the crowd?”

Lucas Di Meglio: “I’m so happy to win this! It is not just about me. This is about my family, my friends who support me and my girlfriend. They support me with everything and every time. I thank them – im so happy!”