“BORN TO BE WILD” is a slogan that testifies that no one is created to limit their creativity – niether in the skate park, at school, nor your life.

We are nothing without you

We are a worldwide sports team that house the greatest scooter riders. Not only the most skilled PRO riders, but a community that embraces everyone – boys, girls, young and older people.

YOUR support to the community and YOUR fellow riders, makes NKD riders the BEST!

NKD scooters strive to expand the sport of scootering. We strive to create a community that forms the framework for people to develop and grow. From the very beginning, we have taken great pride in improving ourselves and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the scooter world – this applies to price, quality, designs and rights for our PRO riders.


Tomas Jørgensen    / CEO

We came from NOTHING

Now we are here. Stronger and better than we had ever imagined!

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1998 - 2001

The founder travelled the world as a young adult with the goal to improve his skate skills. He not only reached his goal he also grew his personality and an entrepreneur dream that would not be led out into reality before 2004.



"NAKED®" were founded. The name of a skate brand that focused on skateboards and scooters.

2009 - 2012

The interest for better scooters grew rapidly and in 2010 NAKED struggled to meet the needs of our scooter community. 

We decided to commit to helping the community and listen to their needs. We extended our testings to  multible local spots around the world.


The name "NKD®" were introduced as our dedicated scooter branch. Now we had more time and ressources to purely focus on scooters. NKD is an abbreviation of NAKED.

Alongside NKD, a dedicated boardsports branch rose from NAKED as well. We introduced a secound branch with the name NKX®.  


As the scooterworld faced difficulties sponsering riders because brands started and ended sponserships of the same riders the same day, NKD decided to be the first scooter brand to settle fair rights for their PRO teamriders.

We negotiated the teamriders right and salary. From this day forth, all NKD PRO teamriders were well paid and had rights towards the fulltime job it is to be a PRO rider.


We are always improving our scooters. Everyday our engineers and designers work hard to develop new models and color options.

Our global NKD team is growing day by day. Thank you for your support! Together we'll push the bounderies of what is possible in the scooter world.

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