Pro Bowl Contest

Hugo Dufal was scootering in the Pro Bowl Contest and was placed as number 9.

Basic Info

Country: France

Hometown: Avignon

D.O.B: 06/06/2000

Years of riding: I started scootering in 2010 so 11 years ago ..!

Nick name: Duflair

We asked Hugo


How did you start scootering: 11 years ago I went to the skate park next to my house and saw some guys who ride and I wanted to buy me one.

What’s your fav tricks now: My favorite trick right now is backflip. I love backflips.

Your favorite trips: My favorite trip was to Barcelona and it still is.

Favorite deck: I love the design of the MV signature deck, I dream to have my own signature deck too.

Inspiration: All the riders in the World inspire me every day.

A song you like to listen before riding: I love French rap.

Favorite food: I really like PIZZA..!!

What is your favorite thing in riding your scoot: I love the speed and the feeling of flying.

Other sponsors: Komunoty

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