A scooter for everyone and everwhere

NKD Gas is a complete stunt scooter recommended for children and young people aged 6-16 years. The scooter is intended for beginners and intermediate level scooter riders. This stunt scooter excels in street style riding but can easily be used in skate parks or as transportation.

New features

his complete stunt scooter setup takes base in the NKD Gas deck 12cm x 50cm (4.7” x 19.7”). With box cut end-plugs and large headtube cutouts, this deck is up to date with the latest scooter trends. This is clearly recognised with the new unique neck with aesthetic lines and a raw look!


All NKD scooters are tested by third parties to meet legislations in verified countries. Should the chips be down and you face issiues with your scooter we have a comprehensive warrenty agreement though our trusted dealers (see more on the dealers & sellers page)

4 clean colors

Born to be 


Get ready for a great

€ 281,95

$ 300,95

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