Double Podium for NKD-scooter at the Urban Wolrd Series in Madrid. Current World Champion Lucas Di Meglio (#1) are joined by Mathias Villers (#3) at the podium. No one can touch our talented riders Urban Street series were hosting the event “Madrid Urban Sports” (MUS MADRID RIO-MATADERO) this weekend 8-10th October. The scooter event welcomed […]

You wan’t believe what Mathias Villers did at this park event! Even though our NKD-riders are more Street-minded than most ISF-tours – Mathias Viller was at the event in Brande, Denmark. The competion for the european qualification to ISF World Championships is tough. As always, we had a memorable week with our brilliant French Rider […]

After a crazy championship, Lucas Di Meglio shows the world of scoot why he is the absolute best! History was made – absolute insane run! We could not be more happy to be part of your journey <3 Qualifying: The excited participants have been riding the obstacles of the 2021 World championships in Barcelona for […]

Custom Paint Job

One of a kind!

This series of custom splatter paint scooter decks are truly a series of limited edition dekcs. Only one piece of each deck has been made and will EVER be made!

These beautiful pieces of art are created by our talented designers. The decks are picked and hand painted. Our designers find great inspiration in real world painting, and keep evolving their graphics for our scooters.


Stunt Scooter

NKD Extreme

Stunt Scooter

NKD Hollow Air

+25 colors; 110 & 120mm