MV Signature

Limited edition scooter deck. Made in coorperation with PRO rider Mathias Villers
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Basic Info

Country: France
Hometown: Saint – Nazaire
D.O.B: 20/09/2000
Years of riding: I started scootering in 2011 so 10 years ago ..!
Other sponsors: Euroskateshop and Akwaba Brand
Nick name: Akwabaaa

We asked Mathias


How did you start scootering: I saw my cousin sending some tailwhips then I had to try it too aha 

What’s your fav tricks now: I love grabbing my deck or sending 540 flair 😍😍

Your favorite trips: Obviously in Aussie with all the homies !! 

Favorite deck: Obviously my new signature MVsig deck created with my mate Sean also designer of NKD parts ! Much thanks ! 

Inspiration: always been a big fan of Rwilly and the OG’s like Charles Padel, JD, Alexis Cuviller and more ..!! 

A song you like to listen before riding: some good US rap like Travis Scott or Wacka flocka flame 🔥 

Favorite food: pastaaaa for sure 

What is your favorite thing in riding your scoot:  be wild, having fun with the homies, landing new tricks and being different of this society !

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