World Champion Contestant

Lucas Du Meglio has participated in the World Championships by ISA multiple times. He does well in the discipline STREET where riders use structures such as stairs, ledges and handrails to ride.
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Basic Info

Country: France
Hometown: Maurepas
D.O.B: February 18th 1999
Years of riding: RIDER SINCE 2010
Other sponsors: Euroskateshop, Prime Scootering, Thevaultproscooters, Crackng, Rainoplastie
Nick name: all my friends calls me “Calu”

We asked Lucas


How did you start scootering: I start scootering when I saw my neighbor doing some tricks like bunny hop and 180 , then i watched some video parts and that was interesting so I was try his scooter and since this day I never release scootering!!

What’s your fav tricks now: Whip to bar Front Boardslide 

Your favorite trips: USA TRIP with all my frenchies brothers last year ! And the USA van trip with my old sponsor 4 years ago 

Inspiration: REECE DOEZEMA in scootering and Alex Midler in skateboarding  

A song you like to listen before riding: I love Chief Keef For real !!

Favorite food: a big plate of curry chicken with Rise!

What is your favorite thing in riding your scoot: I don’t have a best things I loved ! I like all my scooter fr 

Lucas wins the Le Havre competition in the FISE Xperience Series 2021. FISE Xperience series remains among the more prominent events organized …