NKD Scooters


Basic Info

Country: France
Hometown: Maurepas
D.O.B: February 18th 1999
Years of riding: RIDER SINCE 2010
Other sponsors: Euroskateshop, Prime Scootering, Thevaultproscooters, Crackng, Rainoplastie
Nick name: all my friends calls me “Calu”

We asked Lucas


How did you start scootering: I start scootering when I saw my neighbor doing some tricks like bunny hop and 180 , then i watched some video parts and that was interesting so I was try his scooter and since this day I never release scootering!!

What’s your fav tricks now: Whip to bar Front Boardslide 

Your favorite trips: USA TRIP with all my frenchies brothers last year ! And the USA van trip with my old sponsor 4 years ago 

Inspiration: REECE DOEZEMA in scootering and Alex Midler in skateboarding  

A song you like to listen before riding: I love Chief Keef For real !!

Favorite food: a big plate of curry chicken with Rise!

What is your favorite thing in riding your scoot: I don’t have a best things I loved ! I like all my scooter fr 

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