Ice cross World Championship

Steve Petermann rode in Ice Cross World Championship, he became number 1 in the ice scooter category

Basic Info

Country: Switzerland

Hometown: La Chaux-de-Fonds

D.O.B: 19/12/1994

Years of riding: I started scootering in 2009 so 12 years ago ..!

Nick name: Chef

We asked Steve


How did you start scootering: I did a lot of skateboarding at the beginning and we saw the Scooters arrive in skate parks and I wanted to be one of the people who would push sport to become what has become.

What’s your fav tricks now: It’s not really a trick but I really like the feeling of balance in nose and manual.

Your favorite trips: I thinks is a canadien trip in Montreal because I always dream of riding these big cities.

Favorite deck: My fav for now is a nkd mathias signature deck.

Inspiration: I take a lot of inspiration from bmx and skateboarding I try to mix it up with my scooter.

A song you like to listen before riding: Im in love of sickboyrari

Favorite food: PIZZA..!!

What is your favorite thing in riding your scoot: Its when a did the first grind 360 grind

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